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Tom Hess
Sayulita 2005


Haramara Retreat 2014

Haramara is referred to as a "sanctuary for the soul"; offering peace, calm surroundings & secluded beaches. The yoga pavillion offers fresh air and open space, set on top of a hill with stunning ocean views. Accommodations include 3 gourmet meals daily. Tom & Debbe Gagne taught separate classes in addition to co-teaching others.

Haramara Retreat 2012

Haramara 2012 everyone had a great time. Look at all the smiling faces!

Haramara Retreat 2011

Haramara 2011 was so amazing that 4 people signed up for 2012 within a week of returning. Are you going to join us?

Haramara Retreat 2010

Haramara 2010 was another delightful trip. And we continue our journey...

Haramara Retreat 2008

Everyone had a wonderful time at the 2008 retreat.


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